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About SMB Infotech Middle East FZE®

  • SMB Infotech Middle East FZE® is an organization focused to satisfy diversified IT needs of customers across UAE and the GCC Countries.
  • Based out of the Dubai UAE, we are equipped to cater to the varied IT requirements of our customers and be at the forefront in the development of one to one customer relations. Through our experience in the field, we cater & address a competitive and price driven market.
  • In doing so, aim to give our customer the utmost value for their money and strive to maintain highest standards of ethical business conduct in our relationships with them and our partners.
  • Our goal is to achieve unparalleled reputation in the region and to be associated with the leading brands in the field of IT Products & Services.
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Company aiming to be in the top 10 technology consultation bracket in the next 5 years in the region by best understanding the requirements of our clients and enabling effective and efficient ICT implementations.


Our main objective is to be a trusted provider and advisor of unique and innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions across all domains. Furthermore, we aim to provide the IT faculty with the power to build and manage security and surveillance infrastructure in the most cost effective and industry standard approach. Lastly, we vow to deliver 100% up time.

- Mostafa Yousuf, CEO

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